Apartment Storage – Under Bathroom Sink

One of my goals this year is to organize my apartment. We have a lot of stuff and not enough place to put it. I get overwhelmed and just start closing cabinets and doors to get things out of the way. So this time around, I decided that instead of tackling one room at a time I will just do one section at a time. Late last year I showed my under the kitchen sink and now I will show you under the bathroom sink. I was motivated by this post. We will start with the yucky before picture where you can see my half-arsed attempted that organizing.


Toilet paper, some shoe boxes full of stuff, loads of cleaners (most which aren’t bathroom), extra soaps and shampoos and a drawer with stuff.  My feet might make random appearances because the bathroom is small.



I pulled everything out of from under neath and started sorting through it all. I found lots of expired medications which I set to the side to drop off at the take back program. I also found loads of empty boxes, which led to me side-eyeing my husband for a while.

This is what it looked like when I was done:

under sink bath organization

I relocated all of the cleaners and put them with the other cleaners in the laundry across the hall (with the exception of toilet bowl and shower spray, which is now in a different area)

under sink bath storage

The toilet paper is neatly stacked on the left side.  Then I sorted all of the items I had and put them in labeled clear shoe boxes.

Toothbrushes: Self-explanatory. These are a easy find when you coupon so I tend to have a few on the side
Toothpaste: The same.  This box is actually full.
Travel Items: These are either travel size items that came as bonuses with multipacks, or things that were purchased for trips, etc. It is nice to have these things in a dedicated area so when you go to pack, then you know exactly what you have and where it is
Shaving: Extra Razor Blades, Deodorants and Shaving Cream in there.
Misc Bath Items: Currently I have extra bottles of contact lens solution and a extra Lush Bath Bomb in there.

under sink bath storage bins

Fever & Pain: Extra packages of Children’s Advil, Those Therma heat patches, Adult pain relief
Cough & Cold – Cough Drops, Day Quil, Nasal Sprays, etc
Bandages – Bandages, Neosporin, Cleaning Wipes, Basically stuff you find in a first aid kit.
Misc. First Aid: Other types of personal care/medicine type things. Tums, Prep H, Pepto, etc

Hope you enjoyed this. Soon I will be posting my over the toilet storage and organization.

Any comments, questions or suggestions? Please hit the comment bubble in the upper right of this post!

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13 thoughts on “Apartment Storage – Under Bathroom Sink

  1. What a difference! Thanks so much for the shout out to my bathroom organizing post. :) I know no one really sees under our bathroom counters, but it makes such a big difference to a space we use frequently! Also, by relocating your cleaners to be with your other cleaners, you are keeping like items together, which is such an important organizing principle! Good job!

  2. love it- all these posts from everyone with labels is really going to make me go label crazy one of these days.. hopefully SOON! stopping in from sugar bee ;)

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  4. Gosh, I had never thought of putting my stuff in containers!! GREAT idea!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up this evening! :)

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